What should my blog be about?

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I’m considering a change on my blog. I’ve been blogging for over a few years now. This one is probably my sixth blog. The only other one that is still in production is my computer lessons website, computerlessonsbyheidi.com.

By now I was hoping that it would be more obvious what I should be blogging about, as a fitness trainer. No single thing has stood out to me, however. There are many aspects of fitness that I love to read about and then share helpful tips from. I also like to blog about art, computers, and even news events such as the film festival in my town. I think a lot of things relate to health and fitness choices we make, so I have wide brush applied to what gets into my blog and website.

The latest iteration of the whole website will be designed to accommodate the seven dimensions of wellness. In college I learned about six dimensions, and now it seems to be seven. That’s great–one for every day of the week! Sadly I don’t have the time or energy to blog everyday, so I will assign each of my blog posts to one of these wellness areas. Hopefully over time all seven will be well represented in my blog posts and articles.

In addition, to accommodate my interests and how they relate to fitness and health, I also have categories for particular hobbies that I routinely write about, such as art and knitting. There’s always a chance that non-fitness blog posts will still relate to fitness in terms of the wellness model below.

I encourage you to learn this wholistic view of health and wellness yourself. You will see that a lot of activities, worries, and costs of life relate to it in some way.

The seven dimensions of wellness are, as found at the University of California Riverside website:

  1. physical
  2. intellectual
  3. emotional
  4. spiritual
  5. environmental
  6. social
  7. occupational

FYI, the newest addition since I learned the dimensions of wellness in college, is occupational. I believe it previously was included in environmental wellness (which was a new addition itself way back then). But occupation is such a big part of life that it deserves its own category and I’m glad to see it distinguished in the latest models.

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