Suspension trainer moves to try this weekend

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This week flew by for me. Earlier in the week I found some suspension trainer moves suitable for the Jungle Gym XT equipment I use. My day job kept me busy, followed by a cold this week, so I’m just going to be quick and share a few videos I found that are simple and fun to do.

With nice weather coming (occasionally) at this time of year, it’s totally possible to use a suspension trainer at playgrounds. Some Youtube hosts recommended going at dusk, when playgrounds tend to be empty. I haven’t tried attaching my Jungle Gym XT to any of the chin up bars, etc., at my local playgrounds, but you can see it in action in the first video below. My home setup involves the low-tech method where you trap the rubber end of the straps between the top of a door and the door frame.

Check out what these people do for workouts with the Jungle Gym XT.

A short upper body workout – chest and back

And a short cardio workout that involves all kinds of body parts

Notice how leg moves involve a serious about of core and arm/shoulder strength.

If you try any of these moves, be sure to be hydrated, dressed appropriately, and warmed up before starting. Stay within your strength and endurance limits, and create a workout that will stimulate muscle development but also not cause injury (FYI, fitness trainers help you do this). Stretching afterwards is also recommended to assist with recovery and injury prevention.

While we’re talking about recovery, I’m also a big fan of myofascial release (ie. foam roller) and self-massage tools (like Moji and Tiger Tail products), or traditional massage available from registered massage therapists.

And if you’re looking for a suspension trainer, I got my Jungle Gym XT at Sport Check for $100 CAD and chose it over the TRX option because I found complaints online about the TRX grips having a risk of slipping when feet/shoes are inserted. In contrast, the Jungle Gym XT has molded handles that fit a hand or shoe equally well, without slipping. They are quite grippy. I also thought the 2-strap construction of the Jungle Gym XT would better suit my shoulder aches, compared to the 1-strap Y-shaped TRX strap. I wanted a straight line of pull coming to my sore right shoulder, such as when in a plank or fly position, which would not be achievable with the TRX since each handle arrives at an angle. I don’t know whether it’s a valid factor in preventing further pain to my shoulder, and I didn’t want to take a chance. I do a lot of pushups etc with my JG XT, and I have no complaints about any of its design features. The handles fit my hands, even though my hands are small, and my feet stay in place even when doing moves you see in the 2nd video above.

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