May and June personal update

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For several months I’ve been studying for an exam in certified personal training. I realize that I haven’t blogged or created any new content in over a month. I haven’t dropped out of the scene; I’ve just been studying. I do other work as well, mainly using the computer for freelance work.

I’m looking forward to taking the exam and having new options available in my career. I don’t know exactly what balance of work I will end up with. I enjoy working in general, and it’s been a pleasant experience (with hard work) updating my knowledge of fitness training principles, which will provide a way to express some of my creative and entrepreneurial spirit. I’m sure that fitness work will be an exciting adventure, whether it emerges as a more professional blog activity, or actual personal training services maybe in conjunction with other work.

I also haven’t talked too much lately about having a degree. It isn’t required for fitness training, office work, or any of the art and computer jobs I’ve done. I graduated several years ago with a BA in social sciences, meaning that I combined two study areas (psychology and sociology) without a major. At the time, I had too many interests and didn’t want to limit them. Also I had already studied a lot of field-based research and laboratory sciences in college, and this more general degree provides a lot of context to understand how people operate. I strongly believe my education helps me make decisions more carefully and contribute greater influence when helping people solve problems or change behaviours.

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