Roller skating is fun.

Burn calories, about 250 calories per hour.
Skate with friends at a rink, park,
or a school (when school’s over for the day).

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Let me know what you think about fitness services

I am interested in learning more about roller skaters' views on fitness services, such as trainers and coaches. This short questionnaire is anonymous. Your feedback about fitness helps me decide what to focus on (sharing content online vs. personal training, for example) when my exam is done some time during summer of 2016. Right now I keep a totally open mind about what people need more of, or less.
Take my survey on fitness services
  • Spandex is involved, in bright colours
  • Finally, a way to express your funky self
  • There’s no boys (usually) in roller derby
  • I guess the boys go for roller hockey or roller soccer instead?
  • You can skate in many free spaces, if you don’t mind showing off in public
  • Abandoned parking lots, parks, playgrounds, high school basketball courts work great
  • Look for spaces with no kids, no traffic, and no potholes
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