Fitness can enhance your lifestyle. It helps you make friends and get fresh air, too.

What’s on this page:

Topics like nutrition, sleep, energy, mood, weight loss, and disease management. When I find great resources online, or in literature, I’ll collect it here. You’ll also find informative podcasts in my blog, and coverage of my own workouts in YouTube; you can leave comments in the blog or directly on SoundCloud (my podcast host) and Youtube (my video host).

Benefits of fitness:

Mood Improvement

Fitness activities improve confidence and provide challenge in your life. Start with balance, coordination, and effective movement patterns. Once you’re ready, strength and endurance may be added, depending on your goals.

Muscle Tone

Muscles become more efficient and muscle fibres may become fatter. This increases your resting metabolic rate. It also creates the ‘toned’ look.

Weight Management

Eat well, to provide your body and mind with energy. What you eat gets burned up to some degree, just by being alive. The unused portion gets stored mainly as fat. The mantra today is to be healthy at every weight.

Sleep Management

When you work out, you relax and sleep better. Human bodies were made to move, so keep it moving in your spare time. Especially if you work at a desk or stay in a limited range of positions throughout most days.

Make Friends

If you participate in group fitness activities, group training sessions, or sports, you’re very likely to meet like-minded people. Stick with an activity to make friends and encourage each other to burn calories and gain skills.

Manage Disease

Exercise can be very beneficial for people with chronic diseases and other health issues. Medications may work better. Health risks due to aging, disease, and fat accumulation can be minimized or reversed.

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